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This is the upgrade to the basic front end training Warrior Mindset Training also offered in our shop. It offers a lot of additional value to the person who has secured the text based training. These days people want to get their information through video, they prefer this over a lot of text. These videos follow the training and add to the ways students can absorb the information.

If you are a seller of such products, the upgrade package offers more than the videos. There are additional materials that will make the base and upgrade package easier to sell on to your prospects and leads. You can easily integrate them all, and after editing and publishing drive leads and traffic to your sales funnel.

Note that this product is not eligible for coupon use that you get with the coupon packages that you can secure here for most products in the store. Nonetheless, the purchase price can be recouped quickly with the sale of one set (Front End and this Upsell). Sales thereafter are 100% profit.

Here is what you get with the Warrior Mindset Training Video Upgrade package:

Training package contents  

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Introducing…Warrior Mindset Video Upgrade Pack…


Brief Notes:


There are 10 video parts in this video upgrade pack!


Followings are the details:


Video #1

Introducing  the Warrior Mindset


Video #2

The Aim – What it takes to be a warrior


Video #3

The fire within


Video #4

Goals and the warriors


Video #5

Overcoming fear


Video #6

Stoicism and the warrior mindset


Video #7

Growth mindset


Video #8

Tools for growth and resilience


Video #9

Applying classic warrior principles to business and life


Video #10

Taking a harder road

This is a short explainer video for the Warrior Mindset Training Video Upgrade

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