Twitter Traffic Machine Video Training Series


This is a set of 6 short introductory videos on the social platform Twitter. Although using video is good for marketing to your leads and website visitors, my recommendation is that this training be used only for reference as you build your own more robust training package.

The total of the video series is less than 15 minutes, the points discussed are very basic, and it offers little in the way of tips or other ideas that you will find in some of the other training packages that we offer here in the store.

This is also a package that you cannot use the coupons available in our coupon package deals we offer here in the store, so personally I would likely select other products that you can use coupons for and get better value.

Nonetheless, there is some value in this training, and if you are looking for content to build a robust total Twitter training package of your own, you could certainly consider adding this product as one element of that package.

Do look at some of the other packages we have to see if they might not fit better to your needs! Remember the coupons ARE NOT ACCEPTED for this product. Therefore the cost as indicated will be charged for this training.


Here is what you will get with this short introductory Twitter Traffic Machine Video Series training package: 

Training package contents


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Introducing … Twitter Traffic Machine Video Series Pack …

Brief Note:

There are 6 video parts in this video series pack…

Twitter is used to connect with your friends and other fascinating people, get in-the-moment updates on the things that interest you and watch events unfold in real time from every angle.

Through this pack of video series, you will discover more about the benefits of using Twitter traffic machine!

It is a very basic an introduction to Twitter series of short videos, and I would only use this as part of a more complete Twitter training package that you could build.

In totality, there is less than 15 minutes of video training, so I feel that to offer a full package to your leads, you would want more content.

This may be a good starting point for which to create your own videos, covering some of the same subjects and going into more details that you can get from other products here in the store or from other sources across the internet.

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