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Finally, Discover How To Successfully Setup Up A Digital Membership Site That Sells and Delivers Your Digital Content On 100% Autopilot!
This training will take you through all the steps required and have you ready to get your membership site in place and getting your subscribers and making you sales, The videos and content are high quality and you also get the audio files for the training.
For the seller of this product, there are a set if marketing files that you can easily use. Just edit them and publish them, and lastly drive traffic to the sales pages. The additional materials you get mean that you can market the product through your leads list or paid traffic.
Here is what you get with this Surefire Membership Automation training package:
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Introducing…Surefire Member Automation Video Series…
This step-by-step video course shows you how to properly plan and setup your digital membership site, from start to finish.
Simply watch over my shoulder and you can follow click by click.
Here’s a breakdown of this 9 part video series in more detail:
Video #1
Introduction and Tools
You will be given a quick overview of each video in this video course and a brief introduction on how we will implement and set up your membership site. Next, we will discuss how to get into the right mindset, so that
you can implement this at a faster and more successful rate. More importantly, we will discuss your specific needs first, so that you understand how to choose the right tools and strategies to apply to your own business.
Video #2
Your Products
It’s super easy to want to jump straight in and begin to set up your membership site. But that is the mistake
that a lot of people make. What we need to do right now is to figure out what you are selling and who you are selling
to, so that we can eventually map out how your membership site is going to flow.
Video #3
Price Points
Now that we have discussed what products you are selling and who you are selling to, it’s time to figure out how you
will price your products and services. This is crucial because this tells us how and what we need to do in terms
of your membership setup process.
Video #4
Map It Out
Now, I will show you how to properly map out a flow chart, which will allow you to see each step of how to set up your membership site. This is often the overlooked part of the process that people tend to skip. Unfortunately, by skipping this, you will fail. So fortunately for you, you have access to this and will be one step ahead of your competition.
Video #5
In this video, we will be discussing different types of platforms that you can use. By knowing which platform you want to move forward with, you will figure out what script you will need to buy.
Video #6
Required Site Pages
At this point in time, you should have a very good idea about what you want to do next. But before we talk about
membership scripts, we need to discuss what types of pages you will be adding to your site. In other words, what is
your user experience going to be like? This is very crucial because you can either make it or break it.
Video #7
Recommended Scripts
Now that we have discussed the proper planning, we will discuss two different membership scripts that we have
tested repeatedly over the years and have had success.
Video #8
Setting Up – Part 1
Now, we will discuss how to properly set up one membership script. Because one script is very complex, we will
show you what you need to do to outsource this process fora super cheap price
Video #9
Setting Up – Part 2
In this video, I, will show you the more in-depth process of finalizing your membership site by utilizing the one script
that we covered in part one.
There you have it! This training will get you primed to start a membership site. It is designed for beginners but even seasoned marketers will learn something from this training.


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