Stop Selling Yourself for Pennies



This PLR product is rather old, but the lessons are timeless and will be of value for the user to listen to the audio sessions. There is a bonus video included as well. It is likely not something that you can use without some major re-working so I recommend using it for your personal use, and take the lessons learned for other products you may develop.

If you are one of our program members, this PLR is free for you. Others who are not members likely should steer away from this offer. We have related PLR products that are updated, and often include video, resource materials, etc. that comes with the package. That would be less work to edit and get published/on offer.

Tip from Dave, Coach and Co-Founder SMART Brand Tools, Resources, Training, and Programs.

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Dear Fellow Internet Marketer,
Some of the brightest internet marketers have priceless advice for people strapped for cash — don’t try the latest Internet Marketing technique, just get some guaranteed money by selling a service!
I say it’s priceless because it can literally save you from financial ruin, and keep your IM hopes alive.
When you sell a service you…
– Get paid straight to your PayPal account, upfront- instant cash baby!
– Develop relationships with long-term clients and potential partners.
– Learn valuable new skills that you can immediately implement in your own business.
And, best of all…
Get Paid To Learn The Best Business On Earth!
Before you go thinking that this is a minimum-wage gig, you should know that…
I went from zero dollars to six figures in less than six months by selling my services!
You see, while a lot of people give good advice when they say to start with services… they leave out the key piece of the puzzle.
If I had kept writing for $10 per page as a ghostwriter like when I started, I would be a washed-up hobo on the streets of Miami right now, rather than living in a pimped-out bachelor pad in Rio de Janeiro.
Since I don’t want you to be stuck working for pennies, I’m going to show you a way to sell your services as you’ve never seen before.
Here’s what makes my system different:
– One service Multiple services you can start offering now.
– Work hard now to get paid later Get paid cash upfront, straight to your PayPal account!
– Minimum wage Work on projects up to $10,000 or more (actual examples included!)
– Scrounge for clients A constant funnel of new clients on autopilot!
– One-off clients Raving fans for life and word-of-mouth machines!
As you can tell, this is no ordinary system.
At this point, you might be wondering… will this work for me?
This is how I made my first money online, and I have absolutely zero special knowledge or training.
You can do this.
And in fact, it doesn’t matter where you are in the world — I operate out of Brazil, yet I’m working on three copywriting projects worth several thousand dollars each, working with consulting clients at $200 per hour, and running three $1000 coaching programs.
How Would You Like Your Profit Funnel To Look Like That?
I don’t really have any “secrets” that “they” don’t want you to know about… just a series of deadly effective strategies absolutely guaranteed to change the way you look at services forever!
Let me lay it out for you in step-by-step detail, so you know exactly what you’ll be able to sink your teeth into in just moments…
Video 1 — How To Sell Services Online For Instant Cash
– Why selling services is the quickest, easiest, most foolproof way to get instant results online (try getting $2,500 checks from ad sense your first month!)
– Why sitting around wishing for cash is hopeless, and how to jump into action immediately
– The one service that almost every business owner needs, but no one ever tells you how to sell!
– How to be open for business in 24 hours or less!
– The secret to getting your first client, even if you have no experience, no contacts, no testimonials, no website, and no clue where to start!
– The best people to target, especially if you want high paying, fiercely loyal, openly grateful, long term clients for life
– How to get paid cash upfront and make your clients overjoyed to do it
– Why some testimonials are worthless, while others will help you launch a long term cash producing business
I hope you have your reading glasses on because that was just the first video… I have about 37 more instant cash services secrets to share with you! The actual information is delivered via fast-paced high-quality video that you can download right to your desktop, so you’ll be able to put those glasses away momentarily.
Video 2 — The Internet Is Overflowing With People Who Want To Pay You Money!
– Rule number 1 — think like a blank or continue to get paid like blank!
– You’re not a service provider, you’re a person blank blank blank (they get paid way more)
– The biggest reason why some service providers are fat and happy, while others are poor and hungry.
– The most obvious places to pick up clients starting today (people are literally sitting by their computers, waiting to send you money).
– Why most people fail with Craigslist marketing, and how you can set yourself apart (I set up a completely passive recurring income stream with just this one method, it’s really freaking sweet)
– What most people won’t tell you about forum marketing (and why most people who use it are broke)
– How to put together a services website that sells within 24 hours or less (don’t worry, I’m a total technophobe so it won’t be difficult)
– The key to turning your website into a client generation machine.
– How to turn traditional traffic generation techniques into $1,000 paydays (this will blow away article marketers!).
Videos 3 — How To Set Yourself Apart From The Competition- Permanently!
– How to get clients to come flocking to you and pay your going rate (no more discounts!)
– The missing link that turns word-of-mouth marketing into a raging wildfire
– How word-of-mouth marketing can work the other way- and how to avoid it!
– How you can think like a blank when providing a service, and make your clients giddy to do business with you over and over again (I’m serious, they might squeal like little girls- don’t say I didn’t warn you)
– There’s no better way to command premium fees than to become a recognized blank blank blank.
– Screw competition- how to specialize in a highly competitive field and target a market that’s ready to dole out serious cash.
– How to market yourself as a blank (you’ve probably never done this before, but I’ll give you plenty of ideas to run with).
– If you don’t have any “blank”, then you need to get some fast!
– How to build up a network of referral partners and help each other get highly paid business around the clock.
-How to get movers and shakers to say “how high” when you say jump, and send business to you at the crack of the whip (snap!)
Video 4 — How To Use High-End Services To Revolutionize Your Profit Funnel
– How to use high and services as backend offerings in your profit funnel to increase your profit by double, triple, or more (just like I’ve done)
– The simple shift in mindset that can have an impact across your entire business (ignore this and your income will always have a ceiling)
– How to get paid to do the most lucrative market research you’ll ever encounter
– The simple steps to becoming a highly paid consultant, even if you’ve never done it before.
– How to create a constant stream of high-paying clients asking you to take their money on autopilot (I discovered this by accident, and holy crap am I glad I did!)
Video 5 — Your High-End Profit Funnel
This is where it starts to get kind of crazy, hold on for a wild ride…
– If you can be a consultant, you can be a blank — and charge handsomely for your time
– How to turn highly paid services into high-end products (thought you were just selling time for money? Think again!)
– The ultimate time management trick for high and services (You could multiply your profits by 10 using just this one technique)
– How to charge premium go-to person fees without spending years of effort to get there
– How to save yourself a ton of headaches by only working with the best of the best.
– The ultimate leverage points (i.e., how I get paid $10,000 for a single project)
If this were the end, I would feel comfortable with having delivered massive, overwhelming, “I can’t believe he fit all of that in five videos” value.
But after more than a few sips of my over-caffeinated extra forte Brazilian style coffee, I decided to go back and create the bonus video to end all bonus videos.
Bonus video — Unique Strategies To Develop Highly Lucrative Income Streams With Instant Cash Services
– How to gain instant benefits in cash flow, positioning, and product development
– The best tip I could possibly give you to start selling more high and services without doing a bit of extra work
– Why you’ll never look at 100% commission products the same again
– How to cash in on high and services- even if no one pays you for them!
– How to get paid over and over again from services rendered in the past
– How to create one of the sexiest products in Internet marketing and get paid to do so in advance
– How to use high and services to create the ultimate products and solutions for your target market.
– The services that I personally offer, why I offer them, and why people pay me a premium!