Procrastinator Killer Training Video Upgrade


This is the video upgrade to the basic front end product called Procrastination Killer Training  which is also offered in the store. For the buyer, the upgrade adds video training to the eBook and other materials. Because so many people prefer video these days, the upgrade will definitely appreciate the added value and will likely upgrade.

For the seller of the Front End and Video Upgrade of this product, additional materials also available in the upgrade can be used to quickly prepare a simple sales funnel of the two products. Because the two complement one another and everything is set up to offer a congruent message, it will work.

Here is what you get in Procrastinator Killer Video Upgrade package:

List of content in training package

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Introducing…Procrastination Killer Video Upgrade…


There are 8 video parts in this upgrade pack :

Video 1:



Video 2:

The Science Behind Procrastination


Video 3:

How Procrastination Can Destroy Your Life


Video 4:

Manage Your Time, Manage Your Life


Video 5:

How Highly Successful Individuals Overcome Procrastination


Video 6:

Good VS Bad Procrastination


Video 7:

Don’t Be Afraid To Say ‘No’!


Video 8:


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