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This is a handy get started guide for someone wanting to start a home based business. Lots of good tips and advice to be found, and videos and audio make this a training package that is versatile for the on the go student that wants to be mobile.

If you are a seller of such products, this package will provide some good reference material to review as you create your own unique offer. Not that this is a personal use only license, so you cannot use anything within the package as is. 

Here are the contents in this package:

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Introducing…The Online Home Business Playbook Hands On Video Series…

Now You Can Get Instant Access To A Practical “Hands On” Video Course With 15 Additional Over the Shoulder Video Tutorials Showing You HOW to Do What You Learned In the Course!

I recorded a “hands on”, over the shoulder, step by step video course showing you all of the technical tricks that you’ll need to know to bring the strategies out of the classroom and into your business.

Here they are:

Video #1
Installing WordPress On Your Domain and Hosting


Video #2
Turning Your Site Into Home Base


Video #3
3 Tips to Instantly Make Your Site Unique


Video #4
Setting Up Your Site to Promote Product Offers


Video #5
Setting Up Your Opt-In On Your Site


Video #6
Setting Up A Joint Venture


Video #7
Creating an Affiliate Opportunity


Video #8
Creating Pages and Posts


Video #9
Changing the Theme


Video #10
Adding Basic Functions Through WP


Video #11
Automating Your Marketing Processes


Video #12
Setting Up Your Tracking


Video #13
Specialized Themes and Plugins


Video #14
WordPress As a Sales Tool


Video #15
Setting Up Support and Contact Forms


Video #16
Securing Your Site Content


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