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This is good training for membership sites in general, and in the case of the subject at hand, a membership site for PLR, much like this one is. PLR is an interesting niche, in that there is a lot of negative feelings these days regarding the use of PLR. In my opinion, it has gotten a bad name due to the misuse of the content, and also there was a lot of PLR that was simply of bad quality. 

If you are a seller of such training packages this product will provide some good content to gather for research as you go about creating that unique course. This is a personal user license, so none of the material can be use for your product. There are more such reference materials in the store that would help as well, and I would recommend looking at some external sources as well.

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Introducing…The Membership Site Formula…


In this training you will learn exactly how I created a compelling PLR membership offer that has an average retention rate of 18 months.


25% of my membership has been paying monthly for almost four years.


You can duplicate this formula.


Very simple and it works.

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