Lose Your Belly Fat Training Video Upgrade


This is an upgrade to the basic training package Lose Your Belly Fat offered in the store. It will be a product that your leads will want to get because videos these days are getting more and more popular over books or manuals. The videos work in tandem with the basic training content to offer a more complete package to buyers.

For the seller of this training upgrade package, more marketing materials that help convince buyers that these two packages are what they need is included with this upgrade. These will help you quickly put together a simple sales funnel that you can publish with a few editing changes and start selling.

Here is a list of what all you get with this upgrades training package:

Video upgrade to Lose Your Belly Fat training

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Introducing…Lose Your Belt Diet Video Upgrade Video Series…


There are 10 video parts in this pack:


Video #1



Video #2

How did it get like this


Video #3

The simplest diet for fighting belly fat : Cutting calories


Video #4

The role of hormones in weight loss


Video #5

Fitting a diet into your lifestyle


Video #6

Finally : The lose your belly diet


Video #7

It’s not just about the food


Video #8

Training for six pack abs and the perfect body


Video #9

How to get the hollywood look for men


Video #10


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