List Building Catapult Part 2



This is the second part of two training packs. The first is  List Bulding Catapult Part 1 and is sold here in the store. The two together provide a complete package for learning how to successfully build a list. It is a reality that one of the most important things we can do as marketers is to build a list, because even today the mail list remains one of the best ways to sell your products.

The seller of this training package has a robust set of marketing materials to be able to quickly edit and publish provided sales pages, and the other materials will allow you to promote the product to your lead list and others, and of course to generate sales when they land on your sales page.

Here is what you get with this List Building Catapult training package:

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Introducing…List Building Catapult Video Series Part 2…


How Would You Like an Email Marketing Veteran to Show You the Secrets of Catapulting Your List Growth – Even If You Don’t Have a List?


This video course will take you behind the scenes to help you understand how to start your list the right way.


Here’s a breakdown of this 9-part video series in more detail:


Video #1 – Introduction

Before we dive in, it’s very important to be in the right mindset. Time and time again I have seen people jump in and try to build a list and fail. This is because they were not in the right mindset nor did they do the proper planning, so I want to do it differently here and make sure that you do not take their path to failure. So, we will be giving you a quick overview of the video course itself so you know exactly what to expect. And we will talk about what you need to have in hand before you get started.
Video #2 – Finding Your List Purpose

Not sure of what purpose you want to create your list based on? Finding your list purpose is crucial. You might think that this is super easy to do, but if you don’t find the very specific purpose of it then you are likely to put your list profit on standstill. You’ll learn some techniques that you can use to brainstorm and find the best purpose to surround your list.
Video #3 –  Must Avoid These

Here are a couple things that you should avoid doing because they will dramatically decrease your list conversions. The reason why we need to cover this is because a lot of people, after they have built their list, wonder why in the world their list is not converting into sales or actions. As such, that’s what we will be covering in this particular video. 
Video #4 – Automated Trust Building

In this particular video we will discuss how to build a relationship with your list.  Fortunately, because you are building a list via an autoresponder series, you will be able to automate your relationship and build trust automatically.
Video #5 – Recommended Autoresponders

In order to build a list, you will need two things. You will first need an autoresponder service, and secondly you will need to have a landing page creator. In this particular video we will discuss autoresponders that we highly recommend, which we have tested and had success with.
Video #6 – Recommended Landing Page Creators

As I said in the previous video, in order to build a list you need an autoresponder and landing page creator. Once we have resolved this in the previous video, the last thing you will need is a landing page creator. In this particular video we will discuss different landing page creators that we highly recommend.
Video #7 – Set Up Your Autoresponder 

Once you have chosen your autoresponder series and your landing page creator, it’s time to focus on setting things up. Therefore, in this particular video we will talk about how to set up your list, your autoresponder series and your web form, and how to utilize the broadcasting system.
Video #8 – Set Up Your Landing Page

Now, in this particular video we will discuss how to set up your landing page. This page is crucial and must include particular elements within it so that it can increase your conversions. 
Video #9 – Connect Your Autoresponder to Your Landing Page

Congratulations – you have reached the end of this video course! It’s time to connect the autoresponder to your landing page that you have created. Once you have connected these two you can begin to drive traffic to it and automate the relationship and trust-building process, which is crucial to the growth of your business.


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