Kettlebell Transformation Training Video Upgrade



This is the video upgrade to the Kettlebell Transformation base training that is also sold here in the store. It adds value for the user of this training program because many people would rather watch videos than look through a lot of text materials. This upgrade is one that they are willing to pay for.

For the seller, this upgrade package also offers more marketing materials that will make it even easier to sell this package as a simple sales funnel, with the base product and thereafter this upgrade. The materials can be quickly edited and published, and then drive traffic for conversions!

Here is what you get with this Kettlebell Transformation Video Upgrade package:

Training contents 

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Introducing…Kettlebell Transformation Video Upgrade…


Video Upgrade Makes It Even Easier To Transform Your Body And Get Results Faster Than Ever With Kettlebells!


There are 10 video parts in this video upgrade pack:


Video #1



Video #2

Why functional strength and mobility are so important


Video #3

Getting started with the kettlebell


Video #4

Unique kettlebell exercises


Video #5

How the kettlebell can train your brain


Video #6

Eating right while training with kettlebell


Video #7

Kettlebell programs for different goals 1


Video #8

Kettlebell programs for different goals 2


Video #9

Kettlebell programs for different goals 3


Video #10



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