Instagram Traffic Tyrant Training


Why should you be interested in Instagram?



Generally,  people  have  significant  doubt that Instagram and other photo sharing social media platforms can be used in a business  setting.    Whether  to  increase brand awareness or increase conversions.



Consider these facts:


– Instagram has a per follower engagement rate of 4.21%, which is 58 times higher than  Facebook.

– Users  share close to 40 million photos every day.  

– Every second, these photos garner an overall average of 8500 likes, and 1000 comments.

– If someone follows you on Instagram 100% of your content will make it onto their feed.

– More equal treatment between the big guys and the little guys is what you have! *

* Even though social media marketing is often considered the alternative to SEO, because it can be difficult to escape the shadows cast by market leaders (they get higher rankings, better placements on search result pages). Instagram is the opposite – once you get that follower, they will see ALL of your content.  Oh it doesn’t matter, they can follow Nike, Coca Cola, and NASA too…See what I mean? More equal treatment…

I could go on and on, but  think you get the picture…

There is a reason that so many people are flocking to some of the lesser hailed social platforms, and so should you!

This training package will get you started properly!

For the seller of this package, there are marketing materials included that you can quickly edit and publish, then drive traffic to those pages to get more leads and conversions. This is a high interest subject for everyone selling online, so as long as you send targeted traffic, you should get good sales…

Here is what you get in this Instagram Traffic Tyrant Training package:

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Introducing…Instagram Traffic Tyrant…



From This ebook, You Will Learn How Easily You Can Drive Loads of Hungry Buyers Using Basic Instagram Marketing!

There is also a special report and various other marketing materials included with the package that make this a great deal.

Your leads will appreciate the work that has gone into making this a top notch product that contain little fluff, only real information that action takers will benefit from.



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