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This is a thorough look at the Instagram social platform and it shows the online marketer the path to setting their account up properly in order to most effectively to grow their influence and also monetize the power that it brings to the marketer.

This is a Resell Rights product as well, so the marketing materials contained in the package will be able to be used if you are a seller of such products. You can quickly edit and update the sales pages and publish your unique page, then drive traffic to that page to get more leads and conversions.

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Introducing … Instagram Profit Map Video Series ...
Want to Learn How to Turn Instagram Into a Long-Term Profit-Pulling Machine… The Right Way ?
Here’s a list of this 8-part video series in more detail:
Video #1 
In this video, you’ll be given a quick overview of the video course as well as tips on how to get in the right mindset, to get you on the right track. While it’s tempting to jump ahead and talk about profit pulling strategies, we’ll first focus on what you need to ensure you’re set up for success.
Video #2 
Platform Comparison
Did you know that there is a big difference between Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram? In this video, I will share
how the users behave and their expectations for each of these platforms, so you will know sales strategies that work and what don’t work in these platforms.
Video #3 
Starting on the Right Foot
By now, you have a clear understanding of how the Instagram platform is set up, and you’ve learned that you can’t
just jump on there and sell, sell, sell– which is what most people do and why they fail. What is the right approach to take? In this video, you will learn the formula to profiting in Instagram.
Video #4 
How to Build a Brand or Lifestyle
You might be thinking, “I want to make money now!” and “Where are these profit-pulling ideas?” There is no get rich-quick strategy with Instagram; but once you learn the secret, you will easily make money. You first need to build a brand or lifestyle so you can get tons of avid followers. No influencer can get a huge following immediately, right?In this video, I’ll show you step-by-step how to build a brand that attracts avid followers, including tips on creating an identity that people want to follow and be a part of.
Video #5 
What Creates Inspiration?
Once you learn how to build a trusted brand and engaging lifestyle, you would want to think about the best ways to
inspire your audience. In this video, we’ll talk more in depth about real-life strategies you can implement right away.
Video #6 
You Get One URL?
People ask this all the time. With Instagram, you get one URL – meaning one place to add your blog, your website, or your offer. So, you must use this one spot wisely. In this video, I will share the exact blueprint to maximize the
benefits of this piece of real estate.
Video #7 
How to Sell on Instagram
As I mentioned earlier, this platform is not for direct sales – it’s for inspiration. So how do you get people to buy your products or services? What about your Shopify ecommerce store products? What about affiliate products? We’ll dive into these in this video and you will discover just how powerful Instagram is.
Video #8 
Sponsored Posts
Congratulations! By now, you already know the secret to making money on Instagram. As a bonus, we’ll show you
how to rapidly grow your following via sponsored posts. I’ll share with you exactly how it’s done without using any
hacks or software.


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