HIIT It Hard Training Video Upgrade



This is the upgrade to the front end product HIIT It Hard Training package also sold here. This upgrade adds a lot to the basic package, with the main attraction for the user of having videos and audios to view and listen to respectively. Many people these days prefer to watch or in the case of avid healthy conscious folks, listen to content as they work out.

For the seller of the packages, the additional marketing materials you get with the upgrade means that you will have even more content to provide to your leads list and other traffic that you drive to your sales pages. You also  have a sales funnel with the upgrade, and can lead the prospects from the front end to the one time offer (OTO).

Here is what you will get with the HIIT It Hard Training Video Upgrade package:

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Introducing…HIIT It Hard Video Upgrade…


There are 10 video parts in this upgrade pack:


Video #1



Video #2

More benefits of HIIT


Video #3

The science of HIIT


Video #4

How to start HIIT training


Video #5

Tips for better HIIT results


Video #6

Concurrent training and using kettlebells


Video #7

Advanced HIIT protocols part 1


Video #8

Advanced HIIT protocols part 2


Video #9

Creating whole-body circuit routines


Video #10

Last words : How to add HIIT to a healthy lifestyle


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