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A high ticket item is anything that you can sell for a relatively large amount of money. This is your ‘big fish’ that you will try and promote and depending on the item, a single sale might provide you with enough money to live off of for a week, a month or even a year!

When a lot of people start working online though, they won’t consider big ticket items as an option. Instead, they focus on small-time products like ebooks that they’ll sell for $10 or $20. 

But if you start selling big time products, that’s how you make the big time and it’s something that a lot more marketers could benefit from. This training will get you started properly! It is the first part of a two part package, although you do not have to have the upgrade to use this training effectively.

For potential sellers of this product who may want to offer it to their leads list or ro targerted audiences using social or other channels, there is a robust marketing package that comes with the training that you can use to quickly edit and publish your sales pages.

Be aware that the coupons that are sold here cannot be used with this training. The price as advertised is the cost. You can use this or your personal use plus if you sell on to one or many you can get your investment back and possibly make a lot more. You will likely have some good sales, this is a evergreen subject and there will always be a demand for such a product. 

Here is what you get with this High Ticket Authority training package:

Training oackage contents



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Introducing…High Ticket Authority…
What you’ll discover in this eBook:
•How to create a high ticket product that you’re really proud of and that you’re willing to sell for a lot of money.
•How to reach the right audience and build trust and authority with them.
•Ideas for the types of high ticket items you can create.
•The pros and cons of different types of product.
•How to build a sales funnel to create trust and make that sale.
•How to create a relationship with your buyers.
•Examples of some of the best high ticket products and how they sell.
•How to create a coaching product.
•How to choose a price.
•Which tools to use to build your high ticket business.
And much, much more!

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