Fixing The Marriage



This eBook contains information about marriage and how to face the challenges that comes with the union between two people.

It also includes some basic marriage counselling tips and advice which will give a place to start to rebuild the marriage, and a lot more!

It is a good place to start if you are having problems. Perhaps both parties can read this and then discuss, That would be valuable to both parties. 

If your are a seller of products in this niche, you will be glad to know that it comes with Master Resell Rights. That means of course that you can use the marketing materials found in the package to edit and publish your own sales page and get started driving traffic to it so you can get more leads and conversions.

Here is what you get in the Fixing The Marriage eBook training package:

Training package contents 

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Introducing…Fixing The Marriage…
It is often difficult to try and save the marriage when both parties feel they are hitting a brick wall with their perceived attempts to being reasonable.
Although it may seem ideal to simply drift along through the marriage, it would help to create a stronger marriage bond if both parties work out some goals they can participate in achieving.
Once the goals for the marriage has been firmly outlined and accepted, there would be some follow up steps that
should be taken to ensure the goals set are achieved without eventually contributing to the downfall of the
Part of the growing process within a marriage relationship is to understand and accept the need for positive intervention when things are not going according to plan.
Being able to seek such help is pivotal in keeping the marriage of the road to recovery rather than disaster.
In This Book, You Will Learn:
– Marriage Counseling Basics
– Make A List Of Your Goals For Your Marriage
– Make a List Of What Is Getting In The Way
– Develop A Positive Attitude About Getting Help
– Realize The Only Person You Can Change Is You
And so much more!


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