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Have you heard of fitness tracking? It’s becoming more and more popular by the day!
With fitness tracking devices popping up all over the place, it’s almost impossible to go the gym or go for a run and NOT see people everywhere tracking fitness metrics!
Although the common phrase is fitness tracking, it’s sometimes known as health tracking or life logging, and it’s all about getting a picture of where you stand, not just when you’re working out, but during day to day life.
This information most often tracked includes things like …
Steps Taken
Your Heart Rate
Calories Burned
Your Temperature
Stress Levels
And A Whole Lot More…
In this training you will learn all about the devices and methods available today to better track your fitness to a level never before possible. The training is suitable for the beginner, but even experienced folks can pick up some hints from this training.
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Here is what you get with the Fitness Tracking training package:
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Introducing…Fitness Tracking…

Here’s a quick overview of what you’ll discover inside this guide to Fitness Tracking :
– How To Choose The Right Fitness Tracking Options.
– The Most Effective Way To Track Calories.
– How To Work Out Your Resting Metabolic Rate And Active Metabolic Rate.
– The Little-Known Method For Monitoring Your Testosterone Levels.
– How To Measure Your Grip Strength.
– How To Make Sure You’re Always Maximizing Results By Training In The Fat Burning Zone.
– How To Use HIIT With A Running Watch.
– How To Calculate And Compare Your Strength.
– How To Improve Your Brain With Brain Training.
– How To Increase Your Motivation With “Gamification” <– You’ll LOVE This One…
– How To GUARANTEE That Your Training Program Gives You The Weight Loss You’re Looking For…
And MUCH More!


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