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This is a set of short intriductory videos on using Facebook. The total length of all the videos is over 15 minutes, but as you see the cost is quite prohibitive for what you get. The only way this product makes sense is if you buy a set of coupons and pay the lesser amount for the course.

The estimated value by my calculations is about $4.95, but the license included withe this PLR requires a minimum of $14.95 sale price. Using coupons, your actual cost will be much less than even the $4.95 value of the product, so all of a sudden, this is OK.

Will you learn something from these videos? It depends on your level of experience, but I would say these are oriented to the brand new marketer who has not used Facebook for business before. There are more robust training packages you can buy right here…

The course still has value, do not get me wrong. If you need something to quickly show a client the value of Facebook, and you have limited amounts of time, this course might be perfect for your needs. Sometimes you have to think outside the box!

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Introducing…Facebook Marketing Mastery


This is a series of short videos totalling a bit over 15 minutes in length. The training introduces the viewer to Facebook and takes them through various ways to make money using the platform.

It is not an in-depth program of training and this is why I would recommend you buying this using coupons. Your price will be within the range of the value in this case.

Otherwise, I would seek out some of the other more thorough offerings that we have in the store that also give you resell or master resell rights.  


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