Entrepreneurial Disruption Gold Video Series



This is an upgrade to the basic Entrepreneur Disruption eBook you can also secure in the store. This upgrade offers value to prospects through offering video training that backs up the text content. Today most people would rather watch a video over reading a book…
These step by step video tutorials will increase the appeal to your buyers and help you sell more than possible only offering the eBook. There is also marketing materials that will help as a seller of this package quickly edit the included sales page and publish a simple sales funnel. Also included is an email marketing campaign, social media swipe kit, etc. 
Here is an exact list of what you get with this upgrade that provide tools, techniques and top tips to get results:
Video Upgrade Entrepreneur Disruption Training
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Introducing…Entrepreneur Disruption Gold Video Series…
Here are the videos you get with this upgrade:
Video 01 – 3 Ways to Come Up With an Idea for a Disruptive Product
Video 02 – 4 Innovative Businesses You Can Learn From
Video 03 – 4 Ways to Make Your Kickstarter Campaign More Successful
Video 04 – 5 Examples of Businesses That Take Full Advantage of the Sharing Economy
Video 05 – 6 Ways to Get Funding for Your New Product Idea
Video 06 – How to Create Your Own Software-As-Service Business
Video 07 – How to Find a Need in a Market and Fill it
Video 08 – How to Market Your New Disruptive Idea
Video 09 – How to Test an Idea Before Bringing it toMarket
Video 10 – Top Mistakes That New Entrepreneurs Make


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