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Our Program:

Introducing our E-Commerce Unleashed Membership Site and our Memories In A Box Partner Programs!

Looking for  cheaper option and more hands on assistance for your online e-Commerce business?

Here is what we can offer:

(1) If you are looking for a niche solution that involves memories, travel, etc. you can partner and set up your own e-commerce store using our provided theme and hosting…

Image for Partner Program

(2) Perhaps your niche involves something outside of the above market segment?

We have you covered!

Logo for Membership Website

You are at the right place!

Our new platform is cheaper and easier to use than some of the bigger and more expensive platforms offering such services.

With us you will get a set of features that rival and exceed what you will find elsewhere, plus personal service that you simply cannot get from the others due to their size.

Here is one store that is opening soon as a partner store:

Logo for Partner e-store

This store will focus on coconut products from Thailand and some that are sourced from USA. We have 6 more stores in various stages of completion that will be opening over the next 2 months using our platform. As we grow, e will continue to add to the features provided and provide ever better service to our partners.

Exciting times indeed!

Here is what you get with us:

  • A High Speed Hosting Package 
  • Responsive Modern Robust Theme (optional)
  • SSL/PCI Compliant Hosting
  • Cloudflare option
  • 1 Mobile App (Android or Apple)
  • Constant sync with Facebook Fanpage
  • On site FB Chat Widget
  • Cross website promotions
  • Access to FB Push Notifications
  • Access to App Advanced Push Notifications
  • Social Sharing Tool Account
  • Access to a Membership Forum and Site
  • Start Up Consult
  • Affiliate Platform/Program
  • Drop Shipping Support Platform 
  • Free training
  • 24/7 Support

If you want more information on this opportunity, please drop an email to: dave@davespromarketing.solutions


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