Drop Shipping 101



The person who buys this course will have a good understanding of what drop shipping is and how they can go about setting up their own drop shipping business after completing the training in the package. It is well thought out, has a lot of supporting materials over the training book, and is effective. The buyer will be happy with this training.

The seller of this training will be able to quickly edit the includes sales pages and marketing materials, adding in their information and links, then after publishing realize leads and conversions. It could also be used as a lead magnet, perhaps combining some of the other products here in the store to get more subscribers to your web site.

Here is what you will get with the Drop Shipping 101 training package:

Training Package Contents 

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Introducing…Drop Shipping 101…


This is a complete training and sales package that teaches people in depth how to set up and operate a drop shipping business.


The contents in the package are up to date, the graphics and images are modern in design, and overall this is a complete sales package for you.



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