Commission Blueprint Advanced 2.0



This is the upgrade from the front end product Commission Blueprint 2.0 training and adds videos for the buyer wanting to learn how to grow their affiliate commissions faster. Customers will go for this upgrade because videos are the preferred means of using online content these days, and that carries over to training as well.

If you are a seller of similar products, this upgraded training will also be a great benefit for you. From this package you get more marketing materials that will help you create your own unique product. Not that this is a personal use product only so you must not use the materials as is for your product. This is a resource for you to then design your product. The upgraded sales pages and support materials you find here can be used to model your new product. There are many other products in the store that can get you almost all the information you need to get a good product together, published, and sold to many…

Here is a list of what you get with the Commission Blueprint Advanced 2.0 training package:

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Introducing … Commission Blueprint 2.0 Advanced Video Series …


There are 18 video parts in this advanced pack:


Video #1

Overview Instant Cash


Video #2

How To Ensure Success


Video #3

Home-Based Blogging


Video #4

The Sales Pages Systems


Video #5

What To Sell


Video #6

The Right Way To Market


Video #7

The Affiliate Networks


Video #8

Opportunity In Service Business


Video #9

Getting Your Pre-sell Page Ready


Video #10

Instant Cash Method


Video #11

Reverse Engineer What Works


Video #12

YouTube Traffic To Your Offer


Video #13

Facebook Traffic To Your Offer


Video #14

LinkedIn Traffic To Your Offer


Video #15

Non-IM Website Traffic


Video #16

Warrior Forum Traffic Method


Video #17

Instant Cash From WSO


Video #18

Other Networks


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