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This is a video training package that is unique from others that are in the shop and provides a different perspective for the prospective blogger who is looking to see how they may be able to make money from blogging. The videos are in depth, engaging, and useful in regards to the information.

For the seller, this package has marketing materials that will help prepare sales pages and then drive traffic from leads, social marketing, or even paid targeted traffic to the page to get subsequent conversions for the seller. This package also would make a highly effective lead magnet.

Here is what you get in this Blogging Paycheck Video Series training package:

 Video ytraining contents

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Introducing…Blogging Paycheck Video Series…


Blogging Paycheck is the complete step-by-step system for monetizing your blog to generate MULTIPLE passive income streams!


You Get 10 Complete Video Modules + Plug-N-Play List Building System!


From this video pack, you will learn:


Video Module 1

Introduction & Getting Started – Quick overview of setting up a free blog to generate passive income from multiple sources


Video Module 2

Ad Placement Strategies – The different ad sources you can use to monetize your blog and where you should place your ads for getting the most exposure. 


Video Module 3

Blog Monetization Strategies – Effective monetization strategies for creating passive income from your blog, the advantages and disadvantages of each, plus how to generate DAILY blogging paychecks without much effort


Video Module 4

Getting Your Visitors To Take Action – Step-by-step how to pre-sell your blog visitors so they want to take action on your offers


Video Module 5

Affiliate Networks – Step-by-step how to find high paying affiliate networks that pay generous commissions, plus discover how to make money even when your visitors DON’T make a purchase!


Video Module 6

Affiliate Links – Step-by-step video walkthrough of how to redirect visitors to your affiliate links so you can earn commissions from the traffic you get to your blog


Video Module 7

Building A List From Your Blog – How to collect the names & email addresses of visitors who are interested in your blog content, so you can follow up with them to earn greater commissions


Video Module 8

Monetizing Your Subscriber List – How to make money immediately when subscribers optin to your list, plus learn the TWO best ways to monetize your list and how to do this effectively for massive conversions


Video Module 9

List Building Automation – How to automate your follow up marketing and further monetize your list to generate long term profits


Video Module 10

Building A Complete Marketing Funnel – How to take your blog monetization to the next level with your own marketing funnel that pays you 100% profits!

Directly Target Returning Visitors By Displaying Related Content & Products Just Like Google, Facebook & Amazon