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This is the upsell for the front end product called Bing Ads Training. In both, you get a complete package of content that makes a very good sales funnel for your customers. The data is current, the graphics and support content looks sharp, and the training effective.

Paid ads are an integral part of every online marketer’s marketing strategy, or it should be. Organic traffic is great and it most certainly has its place in marketing, but let’s face it, if you can create effective paid ads that get sent to a targeted audience, you can scale up your business very fast.

This training will do just that for you, It covers the basics and goes on into advanced tactics with this upsell and better yet, it does so using videos, a medium that is ever more popular these days. The accompanying othr content and sales materials means you can sell this easily to your clients.

You see below what the training covers in general, and now you will have a chance to see what you get with this package exactly:

Bing Ads Training Advanced Upsell

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Introducing…Bing Ads Video Upsell Video Series….

Brief Notes:

Discover How To Make More Money From Your Ad Budget And Get Your First Profitable Bing Ads Campaign Up And Running Even Faster!

There are 10 video parts in this upsell pack:

Video #1 An Introduction to Bing Ads

Video #2 Why its time to wake up to Bing

Video #3 How Bing Ads ( and PPC ) work

Video #4 Creating a great PPC campaign

Video #5 Getting started with Bing Ads

Video #6 Advanced Bing Ads

Video #7 Why SEO for Bing Matters

Video #8 Your master guide to SEO for Bing

Video #9 Extra tips and techniques for better success

Video #10 Conclusion



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