70 Sales Letters Swipe File Pack



This is a great set of swipe files that the user will refer to again and again as time goes on and they go about the business of having an online marketing business. Files such a these are valuable resources and many internet marketers have a vast number of files in their swipe file. These will fit in nicely for all marketers.

For the seller of this package there is also marketing support provided that will make it easy to put together an offer on the provided sales page with some editing and after publishing, driving traffic from their leads list and other sources such as social platforms to get conversions.

Here is what you get in this 70 Sales Letters Swipe File Pack package:

Marketing materials contents

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Introducing …. 70 Sales Letter Swipe File Pack ….


Pack of 70 internet marketing niche salesletters!


You will find a variety of sales letters that you can pick and choose from as a start to creating your own unique sales letters from. This can add a lot of new examples to your current swipe files. I find you can never have enough resources from which to pull from as you go about this online marketing business.  


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