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New Tool For Boosting Sales – Conversion Gorilla Review

Banner Conversion Gorilla Tool



From time to time I will post reviews of tools I think will further help your online marketing business. Today is sucha case. A new banner tool called ‘Conversion Gorilla’ is launching today at 9 AM EDT. Using this tool, you can attract attention and get your audiences/traffic to take action.

This is something every online marketer can use. It is a fact that these days most of your prospects suffer from what I like to call ‘banner blindness.’ The old way of getting attention to your offers no longer works as effectively as they did several years ago. You need to look at new ways of capturing the attention and presenting your calls to action.

This is such a tool that will get you that attention…

My review will discuss pros and cons of ‘Conversion Gorilla’, and also will mention my work with other tools from Promote Labs, who brand their tools with the ‘Monkey’ and ‘Gorilla’ label. I regularly use their tools myself to include Landing Page Monkey, Commission Gorilla, Monkey Playr, and several others.

They are ALL solid, helpful, and easy to use tools that simply work as advertised.

This latest tool, ‘Conversion Gorilla” provides the user an easy and practical way create promotion bars that can be placed on any website page that you own or even on other pages you do not, and from a dashboard  you can organize and control all your promotion bars you create from one central location.

It also provides stats to track which banners are the most effective for getting viewers to take action, and using the same dashboard you can quickly edit any that are not performing as expected.

Some of features you get include adding in calls to actions, countdown timers, adjusting sizes and colors of the promotion bars, the placement of them on your pages, plus you can adjust when and how the banners will appear on your website pages.

For an in-depth look at this tool, please read on…


Banner Conversion Gorilla Tool


NAME OF PRODUCT:             Conversion Gorilla

DEVELOPER:                            Promote Labs, Inc

COST OF PRODUCT:             $47.00 USD/-$20 w/Coupon


                                                       3 Upsells/1 Downsell


                                                      – $20 USD FE (Launch Phase)

MY RATING:                          9/10

SUMMARY OF RATING:                             Thunbs Up for Product


Image for Conversion Gorilla


Commission Gorilla is a banner promotion creation and control tool that allows you to draw the attention of your website visitors to any offers, promotions, sales, coupons, or any other special event that you may create. The tool is full of easy to use features that help you quickly publish and track your banners, and with the available upgrades, even more features are enabled.

This bar tool has a lot of features much more expensive similar tools have and with the launch that is starting on 19 September Conversion Gorilla can be purchased on a lifetime account basis. This is going to save you a LOT of money over time compared to similar tools that sell at either a much higher cost up-front or charge a monthly fee to gain access to such features.

I have been in the business for a while now, so I can say that based on what you get with the tool and on my own experience with other Promote Lab tools/products, I can honestly say this is a tool is a cost effective way to increase your leads, sales, and profits. For the money it costs, you are getting tremendous value.

As you may or may not know, I look for tools that every marketer needs and uses. I want to see them sold at a reasonable price, and I want overdelivery by the seller. I do not like to promote anything I would not use myself. I also do not want you to waste your money or time.

My thoughts: This tool is worth the cost, and it will perform as advertised.


Here is a short video explaining why you need this tool:


Who Are The Developers?

I like to look at the developer’s background for tools or services I promote. Promote Labs is run by some marketers who have been in the business for quite a while. They have developed a number of useful, practical, and reasonably priced tools that I use and without reservation recommend.

They use a catchy brand that revolves around Monkeys and Gorillas as you might have noticed by the name of this newest tool. Kind of corny? Yes. Do the tools work as advertised? Yes. 

From my experience, each tool they offer represents huge amounts of value for the cost. The BEST time to purchase them is during their launch week.

So what we have here is a yet another new launch and once again this is the case…Once again, you can get lifetime access at a one-time cost, during the launch, and this one-time buy offer includes the upgrades. 

Pay once for each and that is it…THAT is attractive to me.

If you need to find new ways to get attention to what you are offering, look no further!


Why Do You Need Such A Tool?


You know that banners have been around for years now, just as email marketing has, and these days both have reached a point where saturation has been reached.

The old adage ‘The money is in the list” holds true, but even when you get the email and names, getting them to open and take action is getting harder and harder as more people are inundated with emails daily. People just do not open the mails! 

So what is the answer? You have to come up with new ways to get your traffic to see what you are offering, over the regular and too familiar banner use.

This new tool helps with this banner blindness phenomena…Let’s drill down a bit…


Some Key Features You Get With Conversion Gorilla:


(1) A Timer. Tap into scarcity or limited time offers using this feature. This is very effective and spurs viewers to take action.

(2) Add In Videos, Images, Features. With this tool, you can easily add in videos, images, and highlight the features of whatever you are promoting to your audience.

(3) No Branding. With an upgrade your banners will not show the brand of the developer. It looks professional and does not distract the viewer when you have this upgrade…If you can afford only one upgrade, I would suggest this is the one to get.

(4) Works for New Leads. One of the upgrades available focuses on features that help you getting more leads create.

I have added a short explainer video to show you how it works live directly below…



Remember: Buyers during launch week will:


(1) Pay no monthly fees and you save $20 on the front end product.

(2) Get free updates for life, as the tool is developed/updated.

(3) With available upgrade options, have unlimited banners in use at no extra expense.

(4) There is also a 30 day guarantee in case you are not satisfied for some reason.

(6) As with all Promote Labs tools you get VIP support from the developers.


Other considerations that are important to consider when you select a banner tool – let’s look at what you get with the Conversion Gorilla banner tool…


(1) This tool is easy to set up and use with autoresponders, social accounts, and works on any WordPress site.

(2) There is a lot of flexibility on how your banners look with the features available.

(3) You will have central control over your banner management, and you can adjust banners right from the dashboard.

(4) Banners will update on the pages you use them on with no further action on your part as you adjust them from the central dshboard. This saves times and means you are more organized when it comes to banner management.

(5) You will see statistics for your published active banners so you see what works and what does not.

(6) You can adjust your promotion bars as may be indicated. Duplicate the ones working, edit them, and change out the ones that are NOT working.

Personally, I truly believe for the price this tool is being sold at, you get HUGE value. Note that after the initial launch period,  the front-end base tool price will go up by $20 to $47. This is still a good value, but why not get ot now and save yourself $20?



The pros of this tool are many and I have mentioned throughout this review. There are no cons that I can think of, other than it is not free.

If you are serious about your business, you know that it takes money to make money. I want to keep that cost as low as possible for you. This tool fits into my requirements.

It has a lot of valuable features that will help you immediately when you use it, through more follow through, more leads, more sales, and more profits. It is easy use, you can track results, and you can quickly make any needed changes to maximize the effectiveness of your promotion bars/banners.

Now you want to know…



There are three upsells, plus one downsell if you opt out of the upsells…

The details of each are as follows:

Upsell #1 – Lead Machine – Add On

Boost your lead acquisition using this feature. It adds in tools that will help you maximize this process…

Upsell #2 – Pro Edition

This upgrade allows you an unlimited number of banners you create and deploy plus adds some more power features.

Upsell #3 – Create Social Bars

This is an add on that will help you tap into social platforms to increase shares, likes, and follows.

Downsell  – White Label

This downsell removes the developer’s logo from all banners you create and use. Your promotion bars look more professional. If you find yourself wanting to cut expenses, and had to chose just one upsell or downsell, this would be my choice.

Note I do think ALL the upgrades are worth the money long-term, and if you get the three upsells, you get this downsell as well at no further cost.




I think this tool is useful and a necessary one for your online business. If not this one, you need a similar one for your program. You need to combat banner blindness. This tool is a big help to do that.

If you purchase this during the launch week you will save $20… Remember this lower price is only going to be available during the launch phase. 

There are other similar banner tools having such features as you get with Conversion Gorilla, but they cost a LOT more and some charge a monthly or annual fee. You can save lots of money over time by paying once for a lifetime…




Thunbs Up for Product




I have made it easy for you to get this tool…The green button will take you directly to the sales page.


Get It Today button

*** I have added in bonuses for your use too:



Have a look at the tremendous set of bonuses for this offer that I put together for you (Click on the image)…

Conversion Gorilla Bonuses


See you on the inside! If you have questions, please ask below!


I believe in YOU!


Kind Regards,




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