Internet Marketing for Business People (and everyone else)

True Story…

I was totally in the dark less than three years ago when it came to internet marketing. Adding to that, I had no real interest in learning about it, I just totally did not see the opportunity it offered.

That changed when I dabbled in a MLM program (mistake) and saw that using the internet I could possibly generate more leads and sales using a website.

My thought process was good. The MLM company was bad.

That did not take long to see.

There was no way I was going to pester friends and family to buy overpriced stuff because I was a member of that MLM company,  and I could not find a good solution for driving traffic to a website to get sales, plus it just did not set well with me, the whole MLM thing, because that is not a sustainable business model in my opinion.

Within 2 months I had left the MLM company, but by that time I had a website, so I wanted to see how I could possibly tap into the online world to make a living. 


Why Did This Happen?

I had no mentor, no friend who was doing online business, and it appeared to many of my friends that the whole making money online thing was a scam.

I went through two platforms that stated they would teach me how to make money online, but in reality their goal was to take money out of my pocket, much like the MLM company.

Bottom line I was like a little lamb…Eyes wide open and ripe for fleecing…I felt like that too…I wanted to get some decent guidance and was throwing money at the problem, but was not getting any kind of decent answer… 


Why Am I Telling You All This?

The main reason is that in hindsight, I wish I had run across a site that had provided some good information on how to get started with online business sooner. One that was not going to rob me blind month after month while providing little in the way of real knowledge.

It brings me to this place. This store…

This website sells PLR. If you are new to the business, you may not know what that is. Basically it is content that you buy, repurpose in line with the license you get with the product, and can then resell on to others. It is one way to quickly get your very own products up on the internet and start making money.

That is good.

It is BAD though if you do not use the PLR properly, or if you do not understand how to use it, or you do not know how to even prepare it for publishing on your website. This is why many people buy PLR and then add to their hard drive, program after program, ebook after ebook and all that PLR does is take up space…

Plus, there is more to watch for…

The other thing to watch for if you really intend on using it is making sure the product that you sell (which after all reflects on who you are to viewers) is of sufficent quality and is unique as allowed by the license so people will be ready to take action on your valuable, eduational, or entertainng content, and that this is reflected in your sales pages and calls to action.

This all leads us to you, the reader…



You may be just as I was 3 years ago right now. You may not have a clue as to the ‘how’ of internet marketing, but you most certainly have heard the ‘what’ of internet marketing. By that I mean if you have done any research at all, you will have seen people who claim to be making millions doing online business…

Truth be told, there are a few that indeed are making some good money at the business. There are a LOT more that are not making anything at all. The larger group of people who are having little success are always on the hunt looking for that get rich scheme or that instant success key .

They are victims of what is known in the industry as the ‘shiny object syndrome.’ They see a product that promises them the world, but does not deliver. They see the next offer, they buy again. Over time, the only thing they have is a lot of stuff on their computer..No sales…and less money, maybe a LOT less.

What is the solution?

Business people do have an advantage over some other population segments because some of the same traits and attributes they need to have success in the offline business world are required to have success online, In fact MANY skills you have fit quite well into this world, so you have a jump on others without this experience.

To get an overview on your options for online business, I do have some ideas…




This video above tells you about one way to get good information on what is out here in the big internet online marketing world for you. It is oriented for people who are EXACTLY where you may be right now…Looking for some clear explanations of what this online marketing business is all about. 

There are many ways you can get the knowledge to plan and start a side business online. In fact, one of the training products from which I have added the video will help you do just that. The quality of the content is good, the sales pages and marketing materials are up to date and professional looking, and you can get a two-fer from it…

What do I mean by a “two-fer”? That is where you can take the training yourself, learn from it, and then as a bonus you can sell on the product to others and essentially get your money back! This is indeed a good way to get a start in the online marketing business.

That my friends, is the beauty of quality PLR!

The course I am going to recommend to you is called, appropriately enough, Internet Marketing for Business People.  By clicking on the title text, you will be taken to the page that describes what all you get with this training. It is designed to give you a good overview of your options…

Had I had such a course available to me, I would have saved months of wasted effort and time, and a lot of money too. Have a look at the sales page as you follow that link…There is a video also, it is the same one I have added here…

There is an upgrade for the basic training package you will find at Internet Marketing Video Upgrade Pack. It provides videos of the training that adds to the value (and cost) of the products but it is a fair trade off. You get the videos for a price, and save lots of time and money.

Bottom Line:

I wish I had someone recommend and provide me the chance to understand this online world without me spending hundreds of dollars with nothing to show for it. This training will get you started knowing what direction to go in this big internet world of business, and how to go about making money from your work.

Don’t be like me…There is no need to waste time or money. You do not work like that in business, or you will not be in business long. It is no different online. Get started now with the training packages and make your move to leave that 9-5 world forever!

Here are the links again in case you did not click on them above:

Internet Marketing for Business People

Internet Marketing for Business People Video Upgrade 


Have a GREAT day and all the best. Let me know if there is any way I can help you get started with your online business. I have accumulated a lot of experience over the last three years online, that when added to my over 30 years in offline sales, means that I can help. Really.






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