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Do You Have A Vision and Mission Statement?

In every business I have ever operated or worked in, there was always a vision and mission statement, or in some cases a variety of them, depending on the type of organization it may have been. Over the last 40 years, I have been in small 2-5 member companies to huge multi-thousand size companies.

Based on these experiences, I can safely say that having both as a bedrock for the company is a must to have any level of success. If you do not know where you are going, how will you know when you get there? These help identify the path.

I want to use this store as an example today for a couple of reasons. One you may be here for the first time, and are wondering what this place is all about. It has the look of a store, but you see that there appears to be a lot more than just that. You are right.

This website is MUCH more than a store. We have blog posts as you are reading now, training and explainer videos, external programs that we link to and work with, and overall offer a good starting point for marketers, or a resource for intermediate to advanced marketers to stop by and commisserate with other like-minded marketers.

That is exactly what we are trying to accomplish with the site. There are the other websites that we operate we often will link to, such as our video sales site Dave’s Video Pro Shop, where we prepare videos for clients, Making Money Online Site, where I discuss salient subjects in the online markting world and review products, or others as you will see mentioned here and there across the store.

All of this goes back to our having a mission statement and a vision statement which directs our efforts across the many websites so we meet the goals that we have set for ourselves. The bottom line is that we are working to help other online marketers have success online.

We understand that there are many marketing segments to pursue online, and that most people will not choose only one, that there are many paths to success, not just one. Therefore, the work that we do is to help as many people as possible with a variety of content in various segments.

The PLR products that you see here are just one more way to help. They cover a variety of catgories of content, such as online education, email marketing and training, e-commerce, self-development, and even health and wellness. Over time we will add more categories as we find PLR that is of the quality we expect and know you expect.

What About You?

That leads me back to you. Although what I have described are the results of the thought process that I and my partner have gone through as we created our mission and vision statements, you must also think through and determine yours as well.

If you have not done this, you likely will find that some of the efforts you make building your online business will be wasted ones, and that you will have to backtrack and add fixes to what was not done, or what was not done properly.

You can read our mission and vision statements in the About Us section of the website, and if you would like some more clarification on how to go through a process to create these for your own business, we would be more than willing to work with you. Just drop us a line.

Remember that a well written mission statement will define your business to the point that it sounds like an abbreviated action plan.

Here is the process that we used to determine our mission and vision statements:

(1) Mission Statement

  • What are you doing for your customers
  • What are you doing for team/company employees
  • What are you doing for the owners
  • What are you doing for the community
  • What are you doing for the world

These are the factors we wanted to address in our mission statement. You see how when you answer these questons that they lead you to plan for and take concrete actions that help you accomplish them and provide a blueprint for success.

It gives you a purpose, it provides guidance, and is NOT a waste of your time, as some seem to think.

Step 1. What makes you unique?

Why would someone want to buy from you or work with you over another person or company. What makes you the right decision for that person or company over other choices they definitely have in the marketplace? What need are you going to fill, how will help them have success, how are you going to do it better?

Of course all these questions are not going to be in the mission statement. If you are thinking of these questions and the answers as you write though, the answers will find their way into the words that go into the statement. Maybe you are not sure the direction, then this is the opportunity to figure it out!

Step 2. What will your business efforts do for your customers?

I started out telling my story, why we are special, and worthy of consideration by the prospective client or customer. Don’t just throw some flowerly nice sounding words on paper, make them thoughtful and meaningful. Don’t just add words, make each word, sentence, and paragraph count and be a true reflection of your thoughts.

Step 3. What will you or your business do for the team/employees?

Remember that without taking care of your employees you will not have a business. This includes yourself if you are just starting out and maybe you have no employees. It is good to develop a program that will be attractive to people and keep them around. The standards you set for the company culture matters a lot. Developing, rewarding, and motivating your employees in a manner that they WANT to stick around is important.

You want to be fair, attract diverse people with a variety of backgrounds and experience levels, make the climate open with respect for ideas and creativity that people bring to the business, provide the proper training and resources, and give people responsibility in line with their capabilities…The goals you add in based on these thoughts help make your statement somewhat specific.

Step 4. What does the business do for owners?

Include what it is that you as owner of the business want to get from the business. Do you want to help x number of people, give back to the community, meet or exceed x number of sales or gross income, or achieve a status or a growth point? Add that in…

Step 5. Do some heavy editing.

This will force you to think through the above points and word the statement in such a way that is has the most meaning in the fewest words. Well worth the time, because it also means that you will have a more well defined idea of what the real mission is. 

(2) Vision Statement

You will go through a similar process for the vision statement, although this is more of a forward thinking statement. What is going to be in the future. How will you get there, and what is the ideal outcome that your company envisions. 

This too is well worth some time and effort, because beyond some of the details that you have outlined in the mission statement, this goes more into the ‘why’ portion of what you are doing with the company and the business. We used the same steps, but were thinking in terms of what will be…

Bottom Line… 

If you care at all about your business (and I KNOW you do) getting a mission and vision statement together is an essential piece of the success puzzle. Your customers will be happier, because you are focused, your employees will be happier, because they will understand the ‘rules’ of the company, and of course, you will be happier, because you understand what you are getting out of all your work.

Have a great day, and I believe in YOU!




2 thoughts on “Do You Have A Vision and Mission Statement?

  1. I was erroneously thinking that a mission statement and a vision statement were exactly the same thing. Now I realize that the mission statement is what we are doing now and the vision statement is what we are planning for the future. Thank you for the clarification. I need to do some tweaking to my mission and vision statements.

    1. Hi, Marion…

      I have been involved in many companies over the years and most of the mission and vision statements all read like they came out of some boilerplate copywriters vault. They seem more like just an obligatory step of preparing your business plan, and they do not really address in detail some of the unique and pertinent factors of the business.

      If you really piut the effort into planning them, you can capture a lot in a few words, and much like a photograph, paint a picture to the reader, the employees, and even other businesses. They will see in essence what you and your business is all about. Unlike the venerable business card, there is still a place for mission and vision statements (the business card? Not so much…)

      Good luck with your tweaking and I am sure that not only your readers will be better for it, but you as well!


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