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Direction of Dave’s Marketing and PLR HQ Shop

From the ‘desk’ of Dave (see the featured image – do you like my desk?)…


Hi, Everyone…

Today I just want to go over a few things…I appreciate you taking time to peruse this post, and I do look forward to your comments and suggestions, as always…

PLR Products

This is a membership site that is going places. We have been working hard to add products that will provide real direction, training, and help for the online marketer. If you have been stopping by, you will have noticed that we are adding products regularly and a lot of them.

Over the next few weeks, the total products will rise above the 400 mark. Each has been selected after careful review to see that they still add value for the members. I have seen many other similar stores that carry thousands of products, but truthfully, most of them are not suitable for use. What’s the point?

The ones we have added here ARE useful in that they provide either the latest market conditions information, are evergreen training products, or perhaps are content niche products with information that is always popular and can be used (with editing and adding in your own unique spin).

But we are doing MUCH MORE than just adding products. A successful online marketing business requires more than good content to realize that success. There are tools, supporting materials, social planning, marketing, and ad spend to think about.

Let me mention just a few…


There are platforms to consider using for your online business efforts, training programs to participate in, and tools that will allow you to scale up your business and turn it into a full time income. This is the goal, right, to get sales and profits to the point where you can say good-bye to the 9-5 job?

In that light, here is what I think:

PLR is not dead, it is just a dirty word for many in the online world. Nonetheless, there are many marketers that quietly are using such content every day in their online businesses. It has become popular to have a negative view of PLR and to claim not to consider it.

But PLR does have it’s place if you use it correctly. I would never recommend slapping your link and payment button to any PLR product without first carefully considering what the goal is and then shaping the products to meet those goals. Repurpose this content!

Enough on that subject…

This site will continue to offer a lot of advice, training, examples, case studies, and free tools to help you on your journey. Since it is also a membership site, as we flesh out the site, you will see a forum area appear, you will be able to create and manage your profile, chat live with other members, interact live with our Facebook page, and more.

Here’s some of what I am talking about…


You will have noticed that right at the top of the home page we have an area that describes some of the other services, tools, and support we offer through partnering companies…Some are operated by us directly, others we have agency rights for, and yet others we may be affiliates for.

We will continue to add to what is here, there are at least 30 different items that we want to present to you. Using the information you get here, you can then follow up to get more detailed information and see if what we are writing about might make sense for your program, and then take action.


We are VERY aware that without you we do not have a business. Our website continues to evolve as time goes on, and it gets looking prettier and prettier (I think), but that means nothing unless you have someone coming by to see what you are putting together!

With that in mind, what we place here ALWAYS has you in mind. The question we have to answer before clearing any new content, product, or service/tool to this website is that it HAS to pass the test of “Will it benefit our members and if so in what way and by how much?”

Unless we have positive outcomes from the answers, it does not get published/offered.


Here are just a few of the most exciting things coming up:

(1) E-Commerce Support Membership Platform.

We understand that many members want to get started with e-commerce and quickly make some money as they see others on Facebook or on websites doing. There are some necessary steps that you need to know about to get started properly…

It is also nice to have a place where you can  interact with other like-minded  people. You can learn from one another, get and give tips, advice, and experiences, and generally have a “safe area” to come to on a regular basis where you can vent…

This platform is really a combination of platforms. We are building training, a forum, affiliate and drop shipping support along with a two-railed program for potential partners who want to tap into what we have built and are building and get started for less and more quickly.

(2) Tools 

We have a number of services that we either own or have agency rights for that we can offer to you that will allow leveraging of your time and your work. By this I mean tools that automate your tasks and save you a lot of time, and in the time you do spend, you will get more done.

(3) Services

We have an operations in the Philippines and in Thailand that we use for our own businesses, and the team members do everything from creating and publishing content to managing our social marketing programs. They also provide order fulfillment services, and even do live streaming that we post to Facebook.

The reason I mention this here is that we can do the same for you and your business. If you want to save money over hiring a full time employee, check with us to see what it will cost you for that service using our platform versus the competition.

Send me a mail at to get more information…

(4) Video Creation, Phone Apps, Customer Support, and Website Design.

We can do all the things mentioned and more. Depending on what your needs are, we tailor solutions for you. This likely will require some one-on-one calls which we can do via Skype and after coordination to set up such a video call. Let’s do it!


I have many years of experience with consulting work,  we have a team, and we know how to get things done for you.

Give yourself a chance to help us help you grow your business into what we know it can be. Things are changing ever faster with online marketing, and if you do not keep up with cutting edge solutions that are available, you risk becoming irrelevant or worse, failure of your business.


Let us help. 

We WANT to see you succeed and will go to the outer limits working to get you what you need to do so, both here on our website, and also with your daily tasks as you go about the business of having an online business.

This is not rocket science, anyone can do it…You need to know WHAT to do, and that you can get here…


I will leave you with a recipe I have followed over the last 40 years (I was a young 20 years old back when I started using this recipe)…

It involves two short phrases first of all as follows:


(1) Attitude Determines Altitude

(2) Preparation Meets Opportunity


Pay attention to these two bits of advice and 90 % of your success is guaranteed!


The third ingredient in my recipe for exceeding the heights of success you imagine involve a four letter word:


W O R K !


Add these all together, stick around here and learn, participate and add to the conversation, and put the advice to work in your daily routine, and I feel strongly that we are going to be adding a LOT of success stories to the testimonial area of the shop.



Remember this is no ordinary membership site just for PLR…FAR from that!

I believe in ALL of you!

Please add in your thoughts below and let me know what you think.



Dave : )



6 thoughts on “Direction of Dave’s Marketing and PLR HQ Shop

  1. Hi Dave,

    I’m looking forward to seeing the PLR content and what other marketing products and services are available. If you offer writing services it may be something I am interested in. I’m not heavily involved with social marketing as I tend to focus more on organic traffic through search engines but I may look at this later.

    I am sure your PLR Shop will be a success with your attitude and experience. I checked out some of the the products in your Shop and the Drop Shipping does interest me. I’m still trying to understand how it may work in my favor.

    I write a lot of reviews for TV boxes and I am currently affiliated to online stores like Amazon but the commissions are very small, hence my interest in Drop Shipping. However, I have no idea how to set it up and I’m worried it may be too complicated to operate. Any advice would be appreciated.

    1. G’Day Craig!

      Thanks for the stop by…Yes we do offer content services, right now it is internal use, but we can add in external orders as they come in. My team are all folks with diplomas and they can write in English pretty well. I do make some small editing changes, but that is personal taste over necessity. I am actively seeking more part-timers as well so we can handle the additional services that folks might request of us…

      The social marketing is one that I can recommend you look into – specifically the ones that people access on their mobile phones often, like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter…There is so much traffic you can realize, all organic, and if you choose to tap into the paid ads side of things, the tools they have are amazing…You can target to a very finite audience of people you KNOW are interested in what you have to sell…

      I believe that the PLR Shop is just a starting point, as most people but and download and do nothing with their PLR. There are some that use it as bonuses for other products they are promoting, but few actually sell the stuff on. I would like to change that and the quality of what we have here is good enough that people can really use it, not just for bonuses…

      On your dropshipping interest, it is not hard to get started at all. My recommendation is to do a little research, join our membership site e-Commerce Unleashed when we open to the public, and learn with a bunch of other members who are likewise either interested or actively running online stores. Based on our experiences to now, you can make some decent profits.

      Regarding the complexity of setting up and operating the store, much can be done by yourself starting out (and it is not hard nor too time consuming) and as you grow, invest in tools and staff to allow you to scale up operations plus give yourself freedom to do the leader type tasks like strategy and marketing plans, etc.

      To get started, message me on Facebook Messenger…I will send you some free information on Dropshipping. I will also explain a little more what we are adding to our partner programs to help people get started with Drop Shipping at very little cost, almost nothing! Just as with sites like Wealthy Affiliate, our e-Commerce site is intended to teach people at a reasonable cost how to do the business…

      That is also why you will find here a lot of good content that is helpful. The PLR these days is not like years ago, where garbage was being churned out and really the content was terrible and useless. There are some real nuggets here in the store, and the products will be helpful and useful to many marketers..

      Anyway, have a great day and thanks again for stopping through here and also taking the time to make a comment!


  2. Hi Dave,

    It looks like your Marketing and PLR HQ Shop is heading in the right direction. I love your desk 🙂 and your work ethics, quotes to live by in this crazy marketing world.

    I’ll keep on checking out your new products. Thank you.

    1. Hello Marion!

      Thanks for stopping by and I do appreciate the positive comments…This is a place for folks like us, online marketers with a passion to help other succeed. I know that you have been in the business for awhile, so the words likely mirror what you pactice daily in your online life…

      As a side note, I did read your note on the facebook website exchange page at … I will be making some cosmetic changes as time goes on, and also making the font for posts larger and easier to read for older folks like us hehe!

      Thanks again and I wish you all the success in the world!

      Kind Regards,


  3. Love your quotes which I am going to use. Looking forward to seeing what you have coming up in the future too. I have bookmarked so I can come back often. Thank you

    1. Hi Helen, Looking at the time you stopped by, I see that you saw a version that was not edited completely hehe. Sorry much for that…I am like the big software companies, I put things out to the public as I am editing them! I am glad that you found the quotes useful, I really have lived by these standards for years. It makes a difference in how you take on life and interact with others…I look forward to hearing moe from you, have a great day! Cheers! Dave : )

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