Best Ideas For Using PLR

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The Best Ideas For Using PLR

PLR is one of the ultimate shortcuts to grow your business. You can save a ton of time and avoid writer’s block. If you have a pile of PLR that is just collecting dust in your hard drive, why not make a use of it and profit from it??

Here are some of my Ideas on how to use your PLR.

  • Sell your resell product with resell rights – You will convince more buyers to buy from you because they can get 100% of sales when they resell your product.

  • You can use your PLR content to make autoresponders – If you want to build a relationship with your subscribers, use your PLR content for you autoresponders, this way it will help you to save time on thinking what to content to deliver to them.

  • You can use your PLR content as an Article to your site – This will put your business on autopilot and at the same time saves you time and effort while providing your subscribers and visitors something valuable to read.

  • PLR contents can be used in Market Research and as a Brainstorming tool – This will help readers who are doing research about marketing and also this will serve as their inspiration in writing so they will not run out of ideas.

  • Add a speaking rights to your PLR contents – This will be more a hit and can create more purchases because buyers can use the product to create highly paid wbinars, seminars, teleseminars and many more.

  • Use PLR software to generate traffic – Rebrand your software and add links to them and submit it to free software sites to generate more traffic to your website. The more downloads you receive, the more visitors you will get for your business.

  • Use PLR content to as your presentation to seminars – PLR content can be use and put together into PowerPoint slides and other teaching materials used in workshops or seminars either online or offline, or both.

  • Can be used as a gift – Aside from sharing yout PLR content through seminars, you can also utilize PLR content as a gift to people who subscribed to your paid seminar or webinar.

  • Convert into viral products – A report that is re branded is more valuable to people so you can make higher profit from it. You can to sell it or use the re branded report as your own viral product.

  • Translate the contents or publish in another language – As internet is accessible by people across the countries, some of them are searching for products in their own native language, so translating your PLR products is another way to profit.

  • Convert your digital content into physical products to sell – There are people who likes to buy physical products more than the digital products simple because it seems that physical products are more credible. You can turn your PLR in creating or publishing them into books, video tutorials or put them in DVD series.

  • Create an E book- Using multiple PLR products you can create an E book – PLR packages are packed with a lot of useful information. You can use these information and compile them to create a brand new eBook that you can put up on sale or as a giveaway to your subscribers.

  • Combine all together and use as a home study course – As PLR contents containts valuable information, you can use them after compiling into a one complete home study course to sell.

  • Tell your subscribers that your resell products has a limited time offer – This will make them to buy as soon as possible and order your resell product because they can only sell limited copies like the rest of their competition.

  • Make a step by step coaching program – Checklists and a step by step action plan is a great addition to your coaching program. People love having a step by step checklist to help them guide of what they are trying to accomplish. You can create a checklist that they can print out as many times as they want and check the boxes off as they go.

  • Re-write and post on another site – another great way to use your PLR is to post it on other websites. The advantage of submitting your post to another site is you can add a link back to your own website, add Adsense or Affiliate products. Moreover, if your article is of good quality and people like it much, many of them will share it on their own website and republish it meaning more links coming to your site.

  • Use as bonuses – PLR products can be used as bonuses when they purchase something from you. Giving you customers something as a sign of gratitude will help build rapport and likability.

  • Use as giveaways – PLR content can be used as a free giveaway. You can give them to your long time and loyal customers. This build more loyalty and ups your ‘likability’.

  • Help your Affiliates by using PLR – you can Use PLR content as a promotional tool for your affiliates.

  • Create an Extensive FAQ’s – Quality articles are a great sources of valuable information that will help your readers. If you have quality PLR’s why not make them as a ready made answers to your FAQ’s. All you have to do is write or make questions. You can make a FAQ’s section on your site with the PLR content as the answer and of course don’t forget to add a link to your products that is relevant to the answer.

  • Convert them as a mobile downloadable file – As more and more people are using their smartphones, it is one way to use your PLR to gain more audience, promote your Ads and create traffic to your website. This way you can also make your website more mobile friendly and reach through people who are always on the go.

  • Used to Create AdSense Site – Adsense needs to have a lot of contents to generate traffic that will click on the Google Ads.


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