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An Updated Look At PLR for Online Marketing in 2017

Much maligned by most marketers since day one when I entered the online marketing world 2 1/2 years ago, PLR has been almost like a dirty word for many, and is frowned upon by marketers to this day. But guess what? Many still are using it regularly, and with good reason!

As long as you repurpose it, make it unique, add value for the buyer of the products you create, you can save many hours of work and more quickly get your own products to market, and make money selling these products. So what is not to like?

There are some cautions when considering using PLR, of course. Much of what is out there is just not that high of quality. You have to be selective in what you start with, and also come up with a plan to take this PLR and change it, update it, add your personal touch, and then of course prepare to sell it.

If all that sounds like too much work, then you will like what you see in this store. The products that we offer are NOT just junk, they have been carefully reviewed and selected for addition to the catalog based on criteria that we look for.

Here are some of OUR guidelines we follow when we decide what to add to this store:

Materials in the PLR Package

We look for PLR packages that include at least a decent ebook or other digital product that have minimal Master Resell Rights, plus have ‘extras’ that will help make selling the PLR on to your buyers easir for you. These consist mainly of marketing materials such as sales pages, banners, email swipes, thank you pages, or images.

Using these materials you can promote, add value, and get more sales of that product. Having all this means you will get more products to market while at the same time reducing the work you will have to encourage sales. What can you expect as you look through our PLR products we have in our store?

Just a few examples include:

A Sales Page

This is a website page designed especially to fit with the product and because of the congruent nature of its design, will help you sell a product. This is a landing page where prospects will see what it is that you are offering, and it will tell them why they need what you have and how it will solve their problem. Of course it will also have a call to action button (i.e. ‘Buy Now’).

The message will be simple, there will be no distractions (i.e. external links) and the ONLY purpose is to encourage people to WANT to buy that product from YOU. In the short time I have been doing online marketing, I see it as the MOST powerful tool you have to make sales, although there is much more involved than just having a great sales page to get sales.

Mind Map

This is a useful additional bit of content that you look for in a package, because it offers another way for buyers to access and use what it is that you are selling. People these days learn in ways that in the old days we did not consider.

When I was in school, we had textbooks only, and video, mind maps, or other supporting materials were simply not available. Either you got what was being taught or you did not. A mind map is just one example of a free gift you can offer along with your ebook.

A mind map is quick visual reference (many people are visual oriented and will grasp the points of the training faster and easier with this small additional content). In short, the mind map will add perceived value and make the offer more attractive to the buyers.

Resource Sheet

This is a nice addition to a PLR package in that it will allow the buyer to quickly find out additional information from other resources that are available on the internet. Part of the attraction of selling a training package to buyers is that you are doing the work for them.

Buyers could essentially likely find everything online that most training packages have. The reason they are considering YOUR training is that it saves them the time of doing that. With your training, they have what they need immediately and can get started.

The resource sheet is also a means of adding in some subtle advertising for some other products or services you may have on offer. Links can be added in, and recommendations made. Just make sure they are relevant to the training package subject is what I would caution. 

Supporting Articles or Draft Blog Posts

These are very handy when it comes to adding content to your websites and also offer a lead in to your training package offer. You can edit them, add in your own ‘take’ on the subject matter, add in additional updated or interesting material, and generally garner interest in your training package.

Email Content

Another thing I like to see are a set of email swipes that can be used to send out to your lead lists so they can be driven to your sales page and offer. Although you likely will want to edit these and add your own ‘voice’ and style to them, they help get you started and done with this important step in getting your product to market. Edit them, add to your auto responder as a campaign with a set of mails, and you can start driving traffic to your edited sales page!

A Lead Magnet Such as a Free Report or a Training Video

If you have these included with the PLR package, and they are congruent with the main product, the sales page, and are something that people are willing to provide a name and email to get ahold of, they really complete the PLR package.

Such a lead magnet will make it a lot easier to attract potential buyers for your product. It can offer a ‘preview’ for your training course, will add value for the prospect, and incentivize them to sign up to your mailing list. Remember that the money is in the list they say, and with reason.

Email is still the number one way of marketing products online. These days, there are many other ways to get the word out, and they should all be pursued, but do not neglect the tried and effective email marketing avenue! The lead magnet will get you the leads…

Bottom Line

We carefully go through potential additions to our store and select the best ones for you using the criteria above. There are some exceptions due to the content or the niche, which we think will nonetheless work because there is a need for such content, albeit they do NOT have a complete set of materials as described above, but for the most part you will have this with our products.

So my advice is that if you are considering using PLR for some aspects of your online business, and we think you should, then look ate the best. It is our opinion that you will find some of the best there is to offer in the market right here.  

The other thing that we look for is value in cost. We not only want you to have good PLR that you can more easily edit and get published, we also want to do so at a price that makes sense for you. You will note that we have download coupon packages that you can buy. 

The starter coupon package brings the advertized costs per product down by up to $65 USD, depending on the products selected, all the way to a per product cost of less than $.50 cents! We think we offer some of the best prices in the market!

All the best and I believe in YOU!



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