A Fireside Chat – Our Membership Site Focus

Hi, Everyone...

This is a post to let you know where the membership site is heading looking forward. As you can see, we have many products to include training and other software or content that you can use for your online marketing business.

I do believe these can be useful for your online business if you learn what is taught and apply it to your own business.

Training Packages

What I want to do now is to start building training package sets that you can use to quickly get competency at different elements of online marketing.

There are certain tasks that you will do no matter what market segment that you are working in and these include but are not limited to leads-list building and email marketing, website design and content, sales pages and funnels, video creation and marketing, social marketing, etc.

Over time, you will be able to tap into these packages of training at special prices and through the membership site, be able to interact with other online marketers. To now, the membership site has focused only on the individual products that are offered for sale.

A More Useful Site

This means that you are going to be able to tap into this site more and also get more out of it. I want us all to go and grow, and by adding more depth to what you have here, this will be the case. I am doing the planning now on just how we can best do this.

You will notice that I am adding in reviews on the tools I personally am using for my own online business. The purpose is so that you have an idea of what works. There are a pretty big set of tools that we need to be able to get our tasks done.

These can easily run into hundreds of dollars monthly. I want to help you minimize your expenses and also maximize your effectiveness as you work. There is only so much time in a day, and many of you have other full-time jobs so your time devoted to online work is limited.

Using some of the tools I use you will find you are able to do more with less, and this means that your full-on move to online marketing will go that much faster. That is the focus of the site actually. How can I provide an environment that will allow that to happen?

What Do You Think or Need?

I would be interested in hearing from you as to what you would like to see from the site. We have a series of posts planned and ready to plug in, but I want to make sure that these will help you in the areas that you need. Of course having other content is OK, but the focus should be on what YOU are looking for.

Note that we also have some associated Facebook groups and sites that may be able to help you out, and indeed, we want to continue to push these forward and make them another location where you can get some help, advice, and assistance.

In addition to the sites mentioned to now, we also have e-commerce support sites and groups. This is an area of interest for my partner and myself, and we currently have 5 stores that are opened and a lot more planned. These will be rolling out as the remainder of 2017 plays out.

Bottom Line…   

As we gain more hands-on experience ourselves, we want to pass the lessons on to you so you can get to profits faster than we have without making some of the mistakes we made. As an example, we tried to incorporate multi-lingual capability on our WooCommerce site, and it did not go well.

We ended up losing months of traction while we tried to get it figured out, and now in hindsight, I wish we had taken another route. Based on that experience, I can say that unless you have someone you know who really knows that system, you will have the same results likely. You can avoid this by using another route.

There are more lessons coming I am sure!

An Example of a Lesson

When it comes to online marketing in general, you have heard it a million times, I am sure, that the money is in the list. This is true, but there are a number of nuances involved in leads and email marketing that you may not be aware of. 

I have friends that have small lists but sell more to their leads than those with huge lists. The conversion rate is much higher, and there are reasons for that. It is how you cultivate that list that will allow you to sell more and whether the list is big or not, you can still make money…

Interviews With Subject Matter Experts

From time to time, I want to tap into the brains and knowledge such marketers have and will post podcasts or webcasts of interviews that we conduct with such luminaries in the field. It will be helpful for us all. As time goes on, I have met more and more really successful online marketers.

There are some common attributes that all seem to have, and while this is true, each is also a unique person with their own personality. I guess this is the same as for any business, but drilling down into a few different folks that have had a lot of success will no doubt help us all.


Well, there you have it. This was a bit of wandering today, but I do hope that it has given you an idea of what you can expect going forward. We want to help you achieve success in the shortest possible time while saving you as much money as practical.

The things we create and post here, as well as the products we sell in the shop, are all intended to achieve this for you. This focus will continue for us.

Remember that in the near future the membership portion of the site will expand beyond sales of products so we need to start getting more input from all of you and act accordingly. 

Thanks for listening and I wish you a great rest of week. Stay focused, do not give up, learn every day, and apply what you learn to your business.

I believe in ALL of you!


Dave : )


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