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Internet Marketing for Business People (and everyone else)

True Story… I was totally in the dark less than three years ago when it came to internet marketing. Adding to that, I had no real interest in learning about it, I just totally did not see the opportunity it offered. That changed when I dabbled in a MLM program (mistake) and saw that using […]

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Direction of Dave’s Marketing and PLR HQ Shop

From the ‘desk’ of Dave (see the featured image – do you like my desk?)…   Hi, Everyone… Today I just want to go over a few things…I appreciate you taking time to peruse this post, and I do look forward to your comments and suggestions, as always… PLR Products This is a membership site […]

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120 Ways To Grow Your Leads and Email Lists In 2017

The money is in the list. You have heard this 1000 times before, but often it just seems overwhelming with all of the get lists quick offers that you get in your email box week in and week out. All of them promise you loads of new leads with little or no effort. Unfortunately, most […]

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Do You Have A Vision and Mission Statement?

In every business I have ever operated or worked in, there was always a vision and mission statement, or in some cases a variety of them, depending on the type of organization it may have been. Over the last 40 years, I have been in small 2-5 member companies to huge multi-thousand size companies. Based […]

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